Why FriendChip Your Pet?

  • The AVID FriendChip provides safe, lifetime identification for companion animals.
  • The AVID FriendChip has a 9 digit number that clearly tells the finder it's an 'AVID' MicroChip.
  • The AVID FriendChip provides unique identification that cannot be duplicated or altered.
Microchipping your pet is the most safe and effective solution to permanently identify your pet. Once the procedure is complete and you enroll your pet in the PETtrac Pet Recovery Service your pet will have a permanent link back to you, the owner, via the PETtrac Pet Recovery Network. This technology greatly improves your pets chances of being reunited with you, his owner.

What is the AVID FriendChip?

AVID FriendChip
  • The AVID FriendChip is part of the AVID Pet Recovery System, it provides permanent identification for pets who become lost or displaced.
  • The AVID FriendChip is a tiny implantable microchip that is injected under your pets skin.
  • The microchip is encapsulated within a glass capsule coated with Parylene C, a biocompatible material used for devices permanently implanted into the body.
  • The AVID FriendChip has no batteries and transmits a unique identification number when energized by a scanner's electromagnetic field.

        For more information about microchiping your pet please visit Avid Microchip Information and Search