Pet Boarding / Pricing

 Boarding at Stansbury Animal Hospital provides our clients and guests the assurance of having a veterinarian on-site if the need were to arise. Our caregivers work especially hard - seven days a week - to maintain clean facilities and to ensure your pet enjoys a positive stay (kennels cleaned hourly to provide the cleanest environment possible)!

Our FELINE ward is capable of housing up to 14 cats. Our boarding room is equipped with a play area and large, floor-to-ceiling windows where your feline friends can enjoy people/bird watching and views of the outdoors! Boarded cats are rotated in the play area throughout the day so everyone gets an equal chance to play.






Our CANINE boarding room includes 10 oversized runs. Each run is stainless steel with epoxy flooring. NO chain link and concrete here. The boarding room also has an automatic flush system built into the floor drains to control odor and messes! The boarding room opens directly into our large grass play yard (NO gravel yard). The play/exercise yard is surrounded by a 6 foot tall, vinyl privacy fence with a double locked gate to provide the safest play environment for your loved ones. We also have 9 outdoor runs so your pet can enjoy being outdoors during pleasant weather.


Our canine guests are continually rotated in the play yard 
Monday through Friday and two to three times on Saturdays and Sundays. This ensures equal playtime for all guests! We provide food for your pet during their stay and can also feed Hill's Science Diet or Prescription Diet food for your dog or cat at an additional charge. Pets get clean food and water bowls daily. We utilize state-of-the-art air filtration for the hospital and boarding facility. The feline and canine boarding rooms have a separate HVAC system which is set at very comfortable temperatures 24 hours a day. Our system brings in a constant supply of fresh, filtered, outside air through the HVAC system.


What to bring with your pet(s) and Boarding FAQ

For you convenience you may fill out our Boarding Agreement & Consent form in advance of your arrival.  Please print, fill out completely, and bring with you at check-in.

Holiday Fee (per pet): $18 

 *For all boarding check-in AFTER 1 pm or boarding pick-up BEFORE 1 pm. There will be a 1/2 day charge for that day. Please notify out staff if you would like an estimate of cost for your pets boarding stay.*

Additional charges may apply due to medication administration.  When scheduling ,please ask about these additional prices.
For more information please contact our office at (435) 843-0341 



We require proof of the following vaccinations for boarding in our facility 

(if your pet is not current on immunizations we will be happy to update their vaccination status upon arrival):

Canine Vaccinations Requirements and Boarding Pricing


DA2PPV (Distemper, Parvo)
Canine boarding rates are weight based:
  20 lbs & under: $31
  21-50 lbs: $32
  51-80 lbs: $33
  81-100 lbs: $35
  101-130 lbs: $36
131 lbs and over: $37


 Feline Vaccination Requirements and Boarding Price

Feline Leukemia, Distemper, Respiratory Combo
 Feline boarding rate: